• Imr Environmental Equipment 14195-5, Imr1400Cp Gas Analyzer


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IMR Environmental Equipment, 14195-5, IMR1400CP Combustion Gas Analyzer with Printer Includes Printer Case Pump Gas Probe 250mm Battery Charger User Manual / Calibration Protocol Features Has been designed to measure flue gases - Boiler - Burner - Engine Has been developed to meetthe customers need and to fulfill special applications Is a high quality combustion gas analyzer using the latest sensor technology Is easy to use and will measure all the important parameters to adjust/optimize the combustion process Portable and very compact combustion gas analyzer housed in a rugged aluminum case Measurement of:  O 2  Oxygen, H 2 S Hydrogen Sulfide, SO 2 Sulfur dioxide , CO Carbon Monoxide, TG Flue-gas temperature, CO 2 Calc ASME/BImSchV - Calculation:  Combustion efficiency, Losses, Excess Air 7 Fuels are programmed – 5 fuels are programmable Automatic zero calibration Integrated self check program Simultaneous display of eight parameters on the illuminated display Unit selection: ppm - mg - mg(ref O2) – mg/kWh Gas sampling probe E – length 0.8 ft (250mm), hose 8 ft (2.5m) Rechargeable battery Power supply 110VAC/60Hz or 230VAC/50Hz